The following tours can be booked:

  • Panorama tour with view of 4 lakes - 3h 
  • Bone shaker, cool forest trail - 3h
  • Railway tour Hoch-Ybrig to Schwyz and back - 5h
  • E-bike tour Hummel - 3h




Panorama tour with a view of 4 lakes:

Enduro tour in Hoch-Ybrig with breathtaking panoramic views of 4 lakes (Lake Zurich, Lake Sihl, Lake Lucerne, Lake Lauerz). It can be adapted to suit any preferences.

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Duration: Half-day tour (3 h)

Price: CHF 245.00

Route: Lauchern chairlift, Fuederegg, Sternen chairlift, Wildä Maa, Fuederegg, Chäswald or Nühütte Spirstock Laucheren or Buoffen, Oberiberg

Booking: Only on request to info(at)


Bone shaker, cool forest trail:

Technical training in Oberiberg followed by trail training on the root path in the Chäswald.

Level: Advanced

Duration: Half day tour (3h)

Price: CHF 245.00

Route: Laucheren chairlift, Fuederegg, Chäswald hiking trail, Postwäldli

Booking: Only on request to info(at)

Hoch-Ybrig railway tour to Schwyz and back:

Level: Advanced

Duration: Full day tour (5 h)

Price: CHF 350.00

Route: Laucheren valley station-Steinboden-Fuederegg-Seebli-Sternen-Nühüttli-Nätschboden-Laucheren Chapel-Sternenegg-Ober Altberg-Ibergeregg-Grossenboden-Hand-Lothenbach-Uf Ibrig-Gibel-Rickenbach-Talstation Rotenfluebahn-Talstation Rotenfluebahn-Rotenflue-Stägleren-Müsliegg-Zwäcken-Ibergeregg-alter Schwyzerweg -Talstation Laucheren, Oberiberg


E-Bike Tour Hummel:

Unique view from the Hummel over the Sihl- Pfäffiker- Zürich- and Greifensee.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 4h

Price: CHF 295.--

Route: Unteriberg, Hummel, Unter Hummel, Tries, Obergross, Chälen, Alpthal, Brunni, Holzegg, Ibergeregg, old Schweizerweg, Talst. Laucheren

Booking: Only on request to info(at)


  • After booking, we will contact you to define the exact lesson time.                            
  • Equipment: Bike, helmet, (knee and elbow pads and bike gloves are recommended).
  • Transport costs and equipment rental are not included in the price.